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Area & Oriental Rugs

Plainfield IL Area Rug Cleaning

The Centerpiece of a Happy Home

Beauty and Tranquility

Area Rug Cleaning in Plainfield IL is one of the many things that we take pride in here at Chem-Dry by Dean. We offer the best service around for area rugs. Rugs can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it can come with a significant amount of extra work. Don’t worry! We have your back. To make sure that the rug is as beautiful as it is functional, we will use the best methods possible. We know that it’s just as important for your rug to keep a refreshing air quality as it is to compliment your beautiful home, so we are sure to take the closest care possible with your property.

Plainfield IL Area Rug Cleaning

Get the Rug That You Dream Of

While there might be other rug cleaners out there, we are confident we can give you the best results. Other cleaning methods use harmful chemicals that don’t even give it a full clean. However, this approach uses the power of millions of scrubbing bubbles assure that your rug is cleaned both safely and efficiently. Not only does it make your carpet look better, it gives your room a fresh new feel as well. A recent study was done that determined 98% of the allergens are eliminated from the cleaning surface using our proven product. Those are stats you can count on!

Our experts know what’s right for your rug. Trust us when we say that we are very invested on carefully handling your rug. When we make the trip to your home, we evaluate what we need to do to give that particular rug the best clean possible. This would mean making the decision to either clean the rug there in your home or transferring it to one of our specialized rug cleaning facilities. In the case that we take your rug elsewhere, we are sure to give it a full inspection to determine if there’s anything else we can help with. This means that your rug is getting the individual attention that it rightfully deserves.

Trust us when we say that we know rugs. We know what can help your rug look brand new after any level of use, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss what we can do. Call today to get your free estimate with Chem-Dry by Dean!