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The Best Cleaning Money Can Buy

What sets Chem-Dry by Dean apart from other carpet cleaners in Downers Grove, IL? First of all, Chem-Dry by Dean uses The Natural®, which is unlike any other cleaning solution on the market. 

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The Natural® is an eco-friendly, child, home and pet-safe sanitation mixture. It's an environementally friendly solution that, through years of trial and error, has been perfected. Here's a few things people near Downers Grove, IL, are saying about The Natural:

  • No harsh chemicals or soaps are used in The Natural
  • The Natural isn't a soap at all, but a mixture of healthy ingredients
  • Every single ingredient is approved by the FDA
  • It's solution is copied from Mother Nature
  • Completely SAFE and non-toxic

 The next thing that truly sets Chem-Dry by Dean apart from the other providers of carpet cleaning in Downers Grove, IL, is our implementation of the Power of Carbonation.

Deeper Than Steam Cleaning

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Have you ever spilled something on your shirt and used club soda to get it out? Well, the reason that worked so well was the carbonation in the soda. Carbonation has natural LIFTing properties that breaks up stains and lifts them to the surface. Chem-Dry has discovered and harnassed this secret. It's now at the heart of our innovative process for cleaner carpets. Not only do we have an innovative process, we also use a small fraction of water when compared to the other carpet cleaners in Downers Grove, IL.

Drier Really Is Better

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Steam cleaning and other shampooing methods push dirt into the carpet with chemical-rich moisture and then attempt to suck the water back out. Unfortunately most of the moisture remains and so does the dirt - compounding the initial problem. The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process in Downers Grove, IL, uses much less moisture and will leaves your carpets clean and dry in only 1-2 hours!

Pet Stains Don’t Have to Be a Nuisance

At Chem-Dry by Dean, we understand that pets are a part of the family and the household. Pets are prone to accidents, however, and it is important to address them to prevent permanent damage to your carpet. Do not fret, as we have the answer for how to get rid of those pesky stains once and for all. The secret lies in the remnants of the liquid urine after it dries. Dried urine leaves behind urine crystals that prove to be hard to get out of the carpet. We start our treatment by giving your carpet the HCE experience that makes Chem-Dry unique. We continue by treating your carpet with a special formula that combats those urine crystals at the molecular level, eliminating any odor from the carpet and creating a level of clean not found elsewhere. You’ll love how fresh your carpet looks, smells, and feels after we are done with it!

carpet cleaning downers grove il

Keep Your Health in Mind

Our top priority when administering our services is keeping the health of your carpets and your home in mind. The air quality of a home is a large part of what comprises its health and its homeliness, so it is critical to keep your carpets clean as they constantly act as an air filter for your home. When we render our services to you, we make sure that your home is delicately handled in a way that it is better than how we found it. We know you will be pleased with the results we have found after we commissioned an independent organization to find just how much we are leaders in the carpet cleaning industry. That study found that we eliminated an average of 98.1% of common allergens found in your home. We know you’ll love the results we can give you!

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Individual Attention for Individual Carpets

With the level of carpet cleaning experience that we retain, we know that we can treat any carpet that you have installed in your house! Our Basic Package takes care of all of the basic needs of your carpet, giving it our trademark cleaning experience! This assures that we get any visual stain out of your carpet using the revolutionary power of Hot Carbonating Extraction. It is recommended that even with the level of cleaning we can give you with our Basic Package that you try to protect your carpets for the future, reducing the amount of cleaning in future endeavors. Our Protection Package gives just the kind of protection that you need. In this package, we apply our special protectant to get the best seal, keeping the dirt out of the carpet. However, if you want additional protection, and the best carpet cleaning experience in the industry, try our Healthy Home Package! This package gives you the best of the best, as we apply an additional deodorizer and sanitizer to the carpet, meaning that your carpet will stay fresh and healthy for many months to come. Don’t hesitate, call today to see what package is right for you!


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