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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Naperville, IL

The Chem-Dry method has been proven over the years! At the end of the day, there are a few things that really set us apart from the competition.

carpet cleaning naperville il

Chem-Dry by Dean is DRIER.

One of the problems of carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL, is the risk of mold. Did you know that most steam cleaners choose the age-old method of flooding your carpet with water? After that they vaccuum up as much as they can. This is a good method, but we've found a far better one! Our carpet cleaning method only requires us to use a small fraction of water. In fact, Chem-Dry by Dean uses 80% less water than the other guys. Because of our small amount of water used our drying times are significantly less. We'll have your carpet in Naperville, IL, dry in a matter of hours! We promise that our carpet cleaning process will be better than the competition, while using less water.

Chem-Dry by Dean is CLEANER

Our Naperville, IL carpet cleaning is innovative and state-of-the-art! It's all thanks to The Power of Carbonation. Carbonation isn’t just for soda anymore. Chem-Dry's process uses millions of tiny bubbles to penetrate deep into your carpet fibers. From there they then dissolve dirt and stains quickly. Finally they act as tiny propellants that actually LIFT dirt to the surface for extraction. Because the bubbles do most of the work for us, this is why Chem-Dry does not need to use heavy amounts of water or soapy chemicals that other cleaners rely on to get your carpets clean. Similar to cleaning a stain on your shirt with club soda, our carbonated carpet cleaning solution LIFTS the dirt and grime right out of your carpet!

carpet cleaning naperville il

Chem-Dry by Dean is HEALTHIER

Long before "going green" was all the rage, Chem-dry by Dean was developing solutions that were environmentally friendly. Our flagship solution, The Natural, is the product of that long journey to a healthy clean. It's a carpet cleaning solution that uses ingredients copied straight from Mother Nature herself. Here's just a few reasons why our carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL has made such a big impact with The Natural:

  • The Natural is 'Green Certified'
  • Every single ingredient used in The Natural is approved by the FDA
  • Absolutely no harmful chemicals, detergents or soaps used
  • Completely SAFE for the family, kids, and pets (and it's not bad on the wallet, either!)
  • No residues left behind whatsoever

We know that you'll be hooked after choosing Chem-Dry by Dean for carpet cleaning in Naperville, IL. Call us today for an absolutely free estime:


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